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11 Warning Signs That Your Mid-20s Are Rapidly Approaching

Trigger Warning: We're getting old. For better or for worse.

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1. You're starting to wonder if a night on the town is going to be worth the hangover tomorrow...

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...although you normally decide that it is!

2. Your feelings towards the stupidity of young teenagers has morphed from extreme hatred into patronizing amusement.

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They're almost like little people!

3. You're actually proud of going to bed early...


instead of bragging about how late you stayed up the night before!

4. Your parents' advice no longer seems quite as crazy

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5. You're starting to consider the possibility of taking the first step towards planning to do that thing you've always wanted to do!

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It's still in its embryonic stages, obviously... we have plenty of time!

6. You still live in just as much of a pig-sty as always...

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but you're just starting to feel ashamed of it!

7. You no longer care about being judged for what you love!

MGM / Via

If it makes you happy, and other people look down on it, those people are obviously idiots!

8. You're starting to pay more attention to the news... Colbert Report and Last Week Tonight are news, right?

HBO / Via

What else are we going to watch, traditional American news media? Good one!

9. You occasionally remember that you graduated from high school half a decade ago...

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...or maybe you're just realizing that now! Sorry!

10. You don't need (or even want) everyone to like you anymore!

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You can't please everyone, and if you could, that would be way too many friends to manage! You'd need to dedicate half of your day to writing "Happy Birthday" on people's Facebook walls!

11. The internet has gone from being a pleasant distraction to being the bane of your existence.

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Weren't you going to update your resume today? Bah, one more article won't hurt!

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