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17 Final Fantasy Bosses Whose Morning Routines Must Be Hell

Thank the Aeons we only have one form.

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2. Seymour Omnis (FFX): Getting your morning #OOTD selfie would be a lighting and angle nightmare if your entire body was a mirror.

4. Exdeath (FFV): Monday's would just suck.

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You slept through your alarm, you can't find your horn purse, and your pup hid your gauntlets somewhere. And you still have to pick up your cape from the dry cleaners.

5. Necron (FFIX): Good luck clearing doorways with a 60 ft wingspan. You'd be permanently crossing your arms too.

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Probably why he never goes out to Gaia and just chills in his home dimension, The Hill Of Despair.


6. Ultima Weapon (FFVIII): Thought your morning was shitty that one time your car wouldn't start? This superboss rides a demon. That its attached to.

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Doesn't matter if you're the guy on the top or the bottom, either would be way worse than just calling an Uber.

7. Safer Sephiroth (FFVII): Is a cloud tutu the only thing you can wear because you have wing legs? Didn't think so.

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The One-Winged Angel doesn't have time for material bullshit like you do. He's got a planet to destroy and the Lifestream to merge with.

9. The Undying (FFXII): If you want to leave the house on time you shouldn't absorb an ancient being AND an airship fortress into your body.

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But then again, we've all changed outfits like four times before walking out the door, so maybe he's onto something here.


10. Yiazmat (FFXII): Don't even know where we'd start if we were this one.

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With 50 million HP, it takes players hours to beat Yiazmat. But how many hours of YouTube tutorials do you think Yiazmat had to watch to get that portal effect on point?

11. Zeromus (FFIV): No amount of coffee will put you in a good mood if you are the literal manifestation of hate.

That's why it says hello by casting Big Bang on your party.

12. Kefka (FFVI): Sometimes you spend hours putting together the freshest look only to have to take it all off and flex your God of Magic form.

Come on you do-gooding Returners, the world was destroyed and everything so just let him wear clashing patterns if he wants.

13. Jenova (FFVII): Trouble getting out of bed? You're not embedded into a comet.

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Makes sense why she's always shapeshifting into another form. Plucking your nose hair would be impossible with tentacle arms.

14. Lich (FFIX): Sure, it looks metal AF, but it takes hours just to get its oversized hands through those fur sleeves.

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Doesn't help that mages are always casting "Slow" on it. *Uses bone blade fingers to flip everyone off*

15. Wrexsoul (FFVI): Your kicks may be fire. But are they on fire?

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Not to mention he's always waiting for his two Soul Saver bodyguards to respawn before he goes anywhere and those idiots are always late.

16. Gerogero (FFVIII): You just have to accept that your entire day is gonna be shit.

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When your outside look matches how evil you are on the inside, your only choice is to dress up as Fake President Vinzer Deling.

17. Yunalesca (FFX): Just can't get your hair to cooperate? Pretty sure you don't have a bigger, demonic version of your head growing out of your flowing locks.