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The Struggle Of Being Liberal In The South

I can't be the only one... right?

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When you find a fellow liberal you are flooded with happiness.

Finally a sensible person!

Always hearing people say the most ignorant things.

Ignorance is not bliss.

Always keeping silent when the topic of politics and social issues comes up.

If you didn't keep silent... You would have no friends. So just sit back and cringe as the conversation moves on!

When you did get dragged into the conversation and are asked if you're liberal...

Again, you want friends.

But when you do find that fellow liberal (they are out there) you both just end up laughing at your misfortune.

Why can't there be more of us?

Theres always that one person publicly bashing liberals...

*eye roll*

Speaking of eye rolls... Liberals in the south do a lot of that.

Our eyes get a little sore.

Hearing this just about everyday...


Theres always that one time you try and stick up for your view points, but at the end of the argument you're just like...

Not worth my time.

Spending most of your days wondering when you will get out of here.

Soon. Very soon... I hope.

Your face 90% of the time.

Are these people serious?

But... At the end of the day, no matter all the faults, the south is home.

Its a love/hate relationship.

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