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    • tylerb32

      I dont wanna sound like a douche, but honestly I dont see how its the customers job to make up for the servers shortage in pay. I understand its a cultural thing, but the servers knew what they were accepting as a job and a salary. Everyone is taxed to death, and by the time a customer pays for their meal (which isnt always cheap for even one person) theyve already been taxed atleast four times. A tip is just that, a tip. Extra. If a server does well, I always tip, and generously. But a tip isnt an inherit fee on a customer to make up for low wages. Its not the customers responsibility to make up for the difference in the low wages the servers make. I dont get paid nearly enough for the work I do, but I cant expect my clients to make up that difference when they are already paying for their services. Just my opinion. Tips arent a given. And its not the buyers responsibility to make up the difference

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