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How To Protect Your Children From Abduction?

As per National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, over 2,000 children every day are abducted. It has come to no surprise that with this quite disturbing number, parents desire to look for safety precaution they can refer to secure their children.

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If that’s the case, here are some expert-recommended safety precautions tips to safeguard your little angels from kidnapping:

Teach your children basic without imparting fears.

According to Julia Cook, the author of the book Smarter Than the Scoopers, avoid scaring your kids. Instead of teaching him or her right things, you may rather cause the kid to thrive in constant fear—which is a big no-no. Teach them the right confidence and skills necessary in making the right decision every day.

Communicate often and openly.

Ensure that your kids are aware what’s right for their age level. For little tots, it is enough to understand that their genitals are off-limits. Thus, when anyone tries to touch it which makes them uncomfortable or ashamed, they must tell Dad or Mom right away. You may play out some situations like what they need to do once a stranger tries to pull up in a vehicle so you could reinforce the lessons.

Don’t be afraid to invest for their safety.

Smartphones with GPS family location sharing apps can be a great investment for parents to mitigate the possible risks. These apps are specifically designed to allow you track the steps taken by your child throughout the day. It’s a more convenient way to update yourselves where they’re supposed to be.

However, it is crucial that you’ll discuss some rules with them in keeping this app running so every time they are away from you, children know the rules of what you anticipate. While some teens will try to sneak out and turn off this app, set beforehand consequences which suit best their crime. By doing so, they’ll learn how to follow guidelines.

Let them know the emergency safety spots.

Meanwhile, you must also teach them to find an emergency safety spot once they’re walking home from their school or out at a children’s playground. Apart from that, ensure that your child memorizes your phone number and home address to enable a safe individual reach you. Don’t forget to teach them as well how to differentiate a local janitor from a police officer. Since they are still too young, they may get confused on these safety uniforms.

More tips for parents:

* Avoid leaving your kids attended in a car, be it running or not.

* Talk openly to your kids about inappropriate incidence on the news. With that, you can get their viewpoint.

* Monitor and question whoever takes an odd interest in your kids.

* Let them practice their most irritating scream. This may be put to good use someday.

There you go—some safety precautions to safeguard your children from abduction. Although none of them can prevent this from happening, at least it would give you some peace of mind knowing that you’re doing your best to keep your kid’s joyfulness and innocence intact.

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