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11 Science-Defying Situations Where Time Stands Painfully Still

There are moments you wish would last forever. These are not those moments. Painful moments need to end fast. TYLENOL® Rapid Release Gels work to relieve pain at the speed of life.

1. When your commute goes completely off the rails.

20th Century Fox / Via

Everything's going smoothly, and then suddenly out of nowhere it comes to a grinding halt.

2. When you reply-all.

CBS Television / Via

Bonus points if you are complaining about someone on the email chain.

3. When you're in a quiet room and your stomach starts growling.


Long, slow, rumbling growls.

4. When your date has some interesting opinions.


Who knew someone had such a strong belief in squatty potties?

5. When you run into your ex in public.

IFC / Via

And they're on a date and you just came from the gym.

6. The day before a fun vacation.


Entire civilizations rise and fall during the day before a vacation.

7. The millisecond after you drop your phone.

BuzzFeed Video / Via

There's no way for you to stop it, but you have plenty of time to scream internally.

8. When you get pulled over.

Fox Searchlight / Via

It's like the cop moves in slow motion as he comes to your car.

9. When someone tells a joke and you don't get it. / Via

And you just don't care enough to make them explain.

10. When you realize you accidentally said something offensive.

Sheepfilms / Via

And apologizing would just draw more attention to it, so you just slowly die.

11. When you accidentally wink at someone.


And then they wink back.

We’ll let science work on speeding up time. Until then, TYLENOL® Rapid Release Gels work to provide headache relief at the speed of life.

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