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  • Fleaflicker, Fantasy Football Giant Offers Fantasy Celebrity Teams

    Fleaflicker is a fantasy sports site, offering football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and celebrity leagues. Wait, what? You can earn points if your celebrity is mentioned in a gossip rag, bonus points for situations like your celeb mentioned as having a baby, or you can lose points if your celeb is involved in a breakup or goes to rehab. You start a QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, a TE, a K, and a DEF in football, but in celeb leagues you start 3 actors, 3 reality stars, a musician, and 3 of any type of celeb. Socialites, business men and women, they’re all there. So- who’s in for a Buzzfeed Fantasy Celebrity league?

  • Socks Inc.

    Socks Inc. looks like it’s going to be another fantastic game from at least one half of the genius that is Awkward Hug, Jim Babb. It’s your chance right now to get in on the ground level and help fund Jim’s adventurous project and get a behind the scenes look at Socks Inc. If you missed it, Jim and Buzzfeed’s own Tanner Ringerud joined the ARG world last year coming out strong with Must Love Robots, a whimsical story of love, heartbreak, and machine lubricant. The story followed the protagonist 011iver and his roommate Tim Scribbles, as well as their friend Chuck Quartz on an adventure to find 011iver a mate. Socks Inc. looks like it could carry the fire that Must Love Robots started, and I urge you to dive in now while the waters are still mostly still. This is primed for greatness.

  • Tim & Eric Help Haiti(Great Job!)

    Tim Heidecker of Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job posted a photo on Twitter earlier. If you live in the LA area and you love ASGJ, Dr. Steve Brule, and/or helping people in nned, click the link to the image, and go donate your $20 to see 2 upcoming episodes of ASGJ. They’ll feature a new Dr. Steve Brule(John C. Reilly) segment, and all proceeds go to helping Haiti in their dire time of need. Every little bit helps.

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