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    • tycornet

      your reply is so stupid Israelis are so not like the Germans, you are so wrong, the Israelis do not take the Palestinians on trains of cattle into the machinery of extermination camp, we do not burn people, and not poisoned with gas,so dont tell me we are nazis,if you dont know the whole story, and i see you did not understand the concept of war - Israel has the full right (!! ) to defend itself in any way, the fact that we are more powerful does not mean you have to play the victim, and I’ve noticed that you really love to play the poor victim(With all these shameless people uploading photos of murdered poeple on the media networks to win and maybe a little sympathy from someone else while you are deceiving the world) ,take all your complaints to Hamas, we are not the cause of this war ignites,Especially after you kidnapped and murdered three teenage children and threw their bodies in nowhere, we havent forgotten it.

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