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20 Persian Foods To Blow Your Taste Buds Away

For those who haven't experienced the amazing flavors of Iran, you've been missing out. And no, hummus is not Persian food.

1. Doogh

2. Ash Reshte

3. Salad Olivieh

4. Dolmeh

5. Mast o Khiar

6. Kashke Bademjan

7. Tadig

8. Adas Polo

9. Chelo Kabab

10. Zereshk Polo

11. Albaloo Polo

12. Fesenjan

13. Ghormeh Sabzi

14. Kotlet

15. Zoolbia and Bamieh

16. Nazook

17. Gaz

18. Shole Zard

19. Saffron Ice Cream

20. Chai