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    13 Ways Parrotlets Are Ridiculously Adorable

    Big parrots in tiny bodies. If you’ve never heard of them, here’s what you’ve been missing.

    1. They are the tiniest parrots, but they have the biggest smiles.

    2. They think they’re eagles…

    3. …and maybe they are.

    4. They don’t really listen to gravity.

    5. Or care that you have work to do.

    6 But really, they just wanna be loved.

    7. With neck scratches.

    8. A lot of neck scratches.

    9. How can anyone resist this?

    10. Or this.

    11. They’ve got the bath time look down.

    12. And know the way to the cat’s heart.

    13. They’re tiny, feathery, adorable peas.

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