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So, According To This TikTok Trend, Netflix Is Telling Us Our Futures Now

I think I received an epiphany AND got dragged for filth.

Ok, so there's this new Netflix challenge created by @yojepo going around on TikTok that can apparently predict your future in just five simple steps!

For anyone interested in the original video, you can either see it above or by clicking here.

If you're just as curious as me, here's how it works:

Tiffany "New York" Pollard making a curious face

1. Go to Netflix and type in the first letter of your name.

Nickelodeon / Via

For example – if your name starts with an "A," you can type that letter into your search bar, and there should be a wide selection available for you (Avatar: the Last Airbender, Accidentally in Love, Aggretsuko, etc.). But don't pick a show/movie just yet! Go ahead and move on to step #2...

2. Count the letters in your name while scrolling through the selection you just looked up and click on the one you end up on.


Easy peasy – if your name has five letters, flip through the options five times and choose the show/movie it lands on!

3. After picking the show/movie, scroll through the episode selection and pick the episode that coincides with your birth month.*

Disney Channel / Via

So if March is your birth month, you choose the third episode. Get it?

*If you landed on a movie instead of an episode, you can jump to the minute and second for your birth month/birth day (ex. April 12th = 4:12)

4. Now, fast forward through the episode to land on the minute that corresponds with your birth day.

NBC / Via

For instance – if you were born on March 24th, you'd choose the 3rd episode and then fast forward to 24 minutes into the movie.

5. And voilà! Your future will rest within the sentence or scene that presents itself before you!

FOX / Via

Easy enough, right? Good luck, and don't forget to let us know in the comments what's in store for you and your future!

@allybrooke / Via