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    • txindianajones

      More like the stupidest Peter Pan fan theory ever. Honestly, has anyone who has tried to come up with theories for Peter Pan actually read the original stories? All these theories are trying to do is give a bit of humanity to a character who doesn’t even know what humanity is. Peter is one of the most selfish characters in all of literature. All he ever thinks about is himself and what benefits himself. Everyone he calls friends? Everyone he calls family? Everyone he calls enemies? He forgets every last one of them. As soon as someone is out of his life, they die, or they grow up, he forgets them. Most of the time he’s the one who’s killing them or forcing them to leave. Quit trying to ruin Peter’s character. The best and most interesting thing about him is that he’s a complete turd who is so hell-bent on staying a boy forever that he can never understand what it is to actually live. His story is a tragedy. He doesn’t get a happy ending, and he certainly doesn’t give a happy ending to anyone else.

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