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9 Unique Fish Aquariums

Aquariums are fascinating, but keeping one of your own can be a lot of hard work. Most people start small with a simple 10-gallon aquarium that has a few goldfish, a plastic plant or two, and colorful rocks. The aquariums in this list, however, are anything but simple.

The Fish Highway


Allows fish to travel from one tank to another across an entire room.

Takashi Amano, Aquascaping


Takashi Amano. He is a photographer, designer and a pioneer in aquascaping.

The Labyrinth Aquarium


The gerbil cage of aquariums.

Zero Edge Aquarium


The water overflows into a special basin that filters and recycles the water from the bottom. With no visible hoses or filtration equipment, this aquarium is the closest you can come to snorkeling in your living room.

Spacearium Hanging Aquarium


A hanging aquarium that comes in 55 gallon up to 75 gallon sizes.

AquaDom in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin


The center of this 1 million gallon aquatic cylinder contains a glass elevator allowing visitors 360 degrees of fish viewing.

Hotel Atlantis in Dubai


This hotel allows you to sleep with the fish and live to tell about it.

L’Oceanogràfic, in Valencia, Spain

Via Flickr: aerismaud

Valencia is home to the largest aquarium in Europe holding 1.85 million gallons and over 45,000 marine creatures.

The World’s Largest Aquarium – Georgia Aquarium

This one aquarium holds six million gallons and is one of the few aquariums in the world capable of housing whale sharks and manta rays.

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