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    Super-Nerdy Snow Sculptures

    One cool thing with living in an area that sees snowy, wintry weather, it’s making snowmen.

    Crashed AT-AT snow fort


    Apparently, this vanquished snow AT-AT was more than just an impressive sculpture. You could actually climb inside the head, crawl through the neck up to a deck on the body, then slide down its icy butt.

    Dalek snowman


    Thankfully, this snowman, Dalek, is a lot less menacing than the real thing.

    Little girl versus the giant snow robot


    Last year Miguel Valenzuela had a shot of his daughter taking on a fearsome Valkyrie VF-1S Robotech snow robot. Here we see her about to execute a back-flip into a series of furious and deadly karate moves.

    Spider-Man snowman


    Matthew Connor went the extra mile for his 5-year old son by crafting this awesome Spider-Man snow sculpture crawling on a brick wall.

    Jabba the Snowman


    Neighborhood kids found a magician’s hat and put it on Jabba the Snowman. To their surprise, he came to life! His first words were “Ha! Ha! Ha! Solo.” It was all downhill from there.

    Zelda Triforce snow sculpture


    It takes power, courage and wisdom to carve an intricate Legend of Zelda Triforce snow sculpture when you’re drunk.

    Two-story Batman snow sculpture


    Last year this two-story tall Batman snow sculpture towered over the Totem Pole Ski Shop in Ludlow, Vermont. He melted long ago, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dark Knight rises once again to battle Mr. Freeze.

    Stay Puft snowman


    Michelin Man snowman dressed to look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

    Snowman army


    Wake up in the morning and look out your window and see this. You'll spend the rest of the day huddled next to the fireplace with a hair dryer in hand.

    Castle Grayskull igloo

    View this video on YouTube


    Artist Kilroy III sculpted this magnificent Castle Grayskull igloo complete with indoor lighting.

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