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Incredibly Intricate Historic Libraries

This day an age of technology we can't forget the analog internet cafes with dark wood, detailed workmanship, leaded glass windows and tier after towering tier of books – classic historic libraries are a bibliophile’s dream.


The largest monastic library in the world is located in Admont in Austria. Admont Abbey was founded in 1074 and settled by Benedictine monks.


Canada’s Library of Parliament was originally built in 1876 and is the only part of the Centre Block to remain untouched after a fire in 1916.

Via Flickr: railgun74

Completed in 1926 in Collegiate Gothic style, the University of Washington’s Suzzallo LIbrary contains an incredible 250-foot long, 52-foot wide Graduate Reading Room featuring a timber-vaulted ceiling, leaded windows and cast-stone ashlar wall blocks.


A lacy white banister flows along tier after tier of books and down a beautiful spiral staircase at the Iowa State Capitol Law Library, located in the Capitol building.

Via Flickr: pragmatopian

At the heart of the British Museum is the Reading Room, completed in 1857 and restored in 2000. Considered a masterpiece of mid-19th century technology when it was built, the reading room was inspired by the domed Pantheon in Rome and measures 140 feet in diameter.

Via Flickr: chippee

The library at the Abbey St. Gall in Switzerland is the country’s oldest, and considered one of the most important monastic libraries in the world.

Via Flickr: irishwelcometours

Ireland’s oldest university, home to the book of Kells, the ‘Old Library’ stuns with its dark wood, spiral staircases and seemingly endless aisles of books.

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