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    6 Original Checks Written By U.S. Presidents

    In storage since 1983 at Huntington Bank's headquarters in Columbus, a number of checks written by historical figures, including a few presidents, are currently available for public viewing in Huntington Bank's new branch in Brooklyn. The display is open through January 31.

    1. George Washington

    George Washington wrote this check on May 31, 1799, six months before he died, for $500 to William Thornton.

    2. Thomas Jefferson

    Jefferson signed this check while as Secretary of State for $22.69 to Jacob Stine.

    3. James Monroe

    Two years before being elected, James Monroe wrote out a autograph check on December 15, 1815, for $37 to Henry Sheppard.

    4. Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln's check to "self" for $800 ($11,260 current value) on April 13, 1865, two days before he died. The appraised value is at $25,000.

    5. Ulysses S. Grant

    Ulysses S. Grant, President of the United States from 1869-1877

    6. Theodore Roosevelt


    Theodore Roosevelt signed this printed check on March 12, 1911, for $185.80 to Thomas Cook & Son after his term in office.

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