Awesome Dad Creates Treasure Hunt For Son’s Birthday

Parenting: you’re doing it right. Redditor crujones43 wanted to do something different for his son’s 11th birthday, so he created this treasure hunt.

I just dumped a bunch of change into a dollar store box I painted silver. I also added in a $20 and a $5.

2. The Clue

Just a PVC pipe painted silver with a map inside.

3. The hiding spot

4. The Setup

He told his son that he dropped a loonie (Canadian dollar coin) down the heat vent and couldn’t reach it.

5. He found it

Of course he found something else.

6. The first map

7. Finding the second map

8. The second map

Overlay for the first map printed on a transparency sheet

Making sure they are heading in the right direction.

11. Treasure found

Wait there is a lock and another map.

12. Clue number three

13. All clues together

Lock combination is shown.

14. A birthday to remember

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