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    Astronomy Photography Of 2011

    Here are the winning photos for the Royal Observatory Greenwich's third annual Astronomy Photography competition.

    Flickr: damianpeach / Via

    Overall winner - Damian Peach (UK)

    Jupiter with lo and Ganymede

    This photograph was taken as part of a long series of images taken over a three-week period from the island of Barbados in the Caribbean.

    Via Flickr: ttezel

    Earth & Space Winner - Tunç Tezel (Turkey)

    When I traveled to see the total solar eclipse of 11 July 2010, I stayed in Oneroa village on the west coast of Mangaia, Cook Islands. This is how the sky looked from a relatively open area just outside Oneroa village

    Via Flickr: 59186209@N04

    Deep Space Winner - Marco Lorenzi (Italy)

    I’ve always been inspired by supernova remnants, in particular by their reach and their different compositions. After all, several of the building bricks of life are created during these apocalyptic events.


    Young astronomy winner - Jathin Premjith (India), age 15

    I was always fascinated by the coppery-red colour of the Moon during the total lunar eclipse. Also it was interesting to note that not all lunar eclipses are the same, as the colour can change from light red to dark red depending on the position of the Moon and the amount of dust or pollution in the atmosphere at that time.

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