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7 Famous Apartments You Can Buy/Rent

We have seen floorplans of TV shows, but there are apartments that you could rent/buy if you really wanted them.

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1. Sex and the City – Carrie's Apartment – $9.85 Million


Carrie Bradshaw's character claimed to pay $750 per month for her place, the 9.85 million price is four stories and five bedrooms.

2. John Madden’s NYC apartment – $3.9 Million


A 2,000 square foot two-bed apartment previously owned by Gilda Radner and also is the same building that John Lennon lived in and died in front of. Good luck with that sale.


4. Mad Men – Don Drapers City Pad – $769,000


In 1960 this apartment would have cost a few hundred per month.. it will now set you back some greenbacks to purchase a one bedroom apartment.

5. Friends : Monica Gellar’s Apartment – $3,000 to $5,000 per month


The apartment was said to cost only $200 per month as it was rent controlled from her grandmother, and it could happen during the rent controlled period before WWII.

6. Will and Grace – 155 Riverside Drive – $2,500 – $5,000 per month


Will’s apartment is spacious with 2 Bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, other places rent for that much at the same address.

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