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    21 Weird Home Decorating Tricks That Might Actually Work


    1. Pot problems? Use a towel rod on the end of your counter.

    Works especially well if you don't want to hang the pots above your head. From here.

    (Collection of perfectly tarnished cookware optional. This works just as well for your cheapo pots and pans).

    2. Also works for coffee mugs.

    This blogger used Ikea Fintorp rails.

    3. Use a drum for a bedside table.

    4. Or an ironing board (preferably a stylish vintage one).

    More weird bedside table ideas here.

    5. DIY your own table out of fencing and a scrap piece of wood.

    6. Even easier: Find, flip, and paint a wire trashcan for a stylish side table.

    7. Turn an electrical spool into a toadstool.

    This blogger has directions.

    (Here's how to find those spools.)

    8. Or get fancy and upholster one.

    9. Display your beer on a stained, mounted pallet.

    Here's the how-to. IMHO, you should fill the shelf with full bottles, though.

    10. Other things to hang on the wall: a wine bottle rack repurposed as a towel rack.

    11. Hang Mason jar lids on the underside of your cabinets for decorative storage.

    Directions here.

    12. Paint your ugly thrift store lamps.

    13. Pretend your rubber door mat is antiqued iron.

    Put on a coat of paint, then sandpaper it for a bit. From here.

    14. Turn drapes into a no-sew bed skirt.

    See how to do it here.

    15. Or sheets into no-sew curtains.

    16. Get some imitation stainless film and recover your appliances.

    Only for the brave. Get inspired here.

    17. Hang your Roman shades slightly above your window trim...


    Customize your cheap sofa with a sharpie and your dreams. Or just stick to pillow covers, which are less permanent. From here.

    19. Hate your mismatched furniture? Paint it all with the same housepaint.

    This is particularly a problem for those of us who have found most of our furniture on the side of the road. From here.

    20. You can also paint your countertops.

    21. ...or, you know, your upholstered furniture.

    Only if you don't care that you run the risk of ruin. Directions here.

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