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Make 33 Pretty Things With (Cruelty-Free) Feathers

We’re all sick of birds, but that doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate our feathered friends into our daily lives. Celebrate the start of spring with some cute, feathery projects.

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On Finding the Right Feathers

Those silly craft stores sometimes only have the brightly colored, costumey feathers that you used to glue to construction paper. But as you probably know, the internet blesses those of us in need of obscure craft supplies, like cruelty-free feathers or eagle imitation feathers.

1. Dip your feathers in gold and glitter. / Via

Sure you can use them for wedding DIYs, but why not incorporate them into some of the other feathery projects you're sure to make over the next few days? You'll need feathers, glitter, and metallic paint, plus some string if you want to make them into a garland. Directions here.

2. Clip your feathers onto your shoes, hair, scarves, or whatever. / Via

Because why wouldn't you want upcycled shuttlecock feathers on your toes? The somewhat sparse directions are available here.

8. Hot glue some small feathers onto a felt hat to shade your eyes from the sun. / Via

It's absolutely perfect for all of those picnics you'll theoretically go on with your friends. This is also a hot glue magic piece, with directions here.

9. Get a little more involved with your feathers and glue them on a skirt. / Via

It's really cute (although who knows HOW you'd clean the thing). Our only problem: we're not sure where you could find cruelty-free or imitation feather trim. Thoughts? (Originally here).

11. Create an entrancing feather mobile with the help of some found twigs. / Via

The addition of the lace feminizes this project. You could use one longer stick, or tie the sticks in a square instead of a triangle, and vary how many feathers or strips of lace you tie onto the sticks. The basic tutorial's here.

12. Use gel pens to make color coordinated writing utensils. / Via

If your ethically-sourced feathers don't come in the right color, there are multiple tutorials around, like this one, that show you how to dye feathers. Just find one you like. The tutorial for the pens is available here.

16. Hang your (paper) feathers as a window treatment. / Via

Paper's a humane way to make feather look-a-likes, although use recycled paper to stay eco-friendly. Alternatively, you could just use real feathers from the ethical sources above. Directions here.

20. Hang a feathered chandelier over your next at-home brunch. / Via

Bonus points if your brunch is outside, and you find a way to hang it from a tree. Think of how nice the feathers will look as they flutter in the breeze. Directions here.

21. Let feathers dangle from your ears all day. / Via

The feather trend started with earrings and hair extensions, so we're paying tribute to the originators here. You can make these yourself if you follow these instructions.

22. Reflect all the pretty light with a (brass) feathered headband. / Via

You could always skip the brass feather-making and use regular old feathers instead. Better yet, gild the real feathers first (directions above), then use them in this tutorial.

23. Catch all your bad dreams in a doily dreamcatcher. / Via

The feathers will let the good dreams flow back into your mind, and the doily will trap the bad dreams so you don't remember them. Directions here.

24. Stash your iPhone in a feathered clutch. / Via

Like the above skirt, we're not sure where to find ethical feather trim. But these instructions can give you a start if you manage to find some. (Or you could just support killing birds. Your choice. Really.)

28. Find a candelabra for your feathered candles. / Via

The translation for this tutorial, in case you don't have a translator in your browser, reads:

"how it works: ♥ Find out scissors, a spoon, candles and napkins with a pattern you like. ♥ Cut out the pattern you want to use. ♥ Remove all layers the napkin except thin with press. ♥ Hold the pattern where you want it to sit on the light. ♥ Hold the spoon over a flame until it is hot and hair as gently back of the napkin. then melted candle wax through the thin napkin as it gets tightly.”

The tutorial does use a printed napkin, but we think you could easily substitute a feather.

29. Fluff out your wedding bouquet with feathers. / Via

Whether or not you decide to use bling in your blooms, the feather flower tutorial could work for other projects, too, like hair pieces. Directions here.

33. Illuminate your windowsill with feather lanterns. / Via

They're so simple and warm, and you don't have to worry about them catching on fire because of the fake tea lights that are so popular these days. Directions here.

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