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    How To Throw An Epic Beach Party

    Basically, you need a way to hide your cocktails and keep 'em cold. Everything else will fall into place once that's taken care of.

    Just don't drink and drive! And remember to bring lots of water because alcohol + sun can turn a fun beach trip into a day of dehydration and hangovers.

    Soak pineapple in coconut rum.

    More alcohol-soaked fruit: vodka watermelon!

    It takes a couple of days, according to Sweet Paul. I wonder how it would taste with tequila...

    Wine companies are now making wine in single-serving containers.

    Way easier to fit into a backpack, and it sort of just looks like you're drinking some off-brand of coconut water.

    Sneak alcohol into a jug of juice.

    Keep your drinks from spilling by keeping them in a shoe.

    Bonus: it'll keep pesky sand from getting into your shoes.

    Keep your beer in a fast food cup.

    Keep it all frozen and cold with a beach-friendly cooler.

    If you have trouble wheeling it in the sand, try outfitting with better wheels with help from this Instructable.

    You can get beer ice cold within a few minutes with just a little ice, water, and a cup of salt.

    Get the full directions here.

    Hide your beer in soda cans.

    Read more about how to make these soda can beer hiders here.

    IF you're allowed open containers of alcohol on your beach, I present to you: the Beerkini.

    Another Instructable.

    BBQ on your beach if at all possible.

    Hopefully you can BBQ meat, but also delicious: Lemon-Sugar Grilled Pineapple. Yum from

    Make your own grill out of a tin can.

    Get the directions here.

    * Chances are, you'll need a permit to light a fire at the beach.

    A snack essential: chips and salsa.

    Good luck keeping sand out of it all, though. Try this not-spicy fruit salsa from McConkie Menu.

    Or, salsa for heat-lovers.

    I swear by this recipe from Alton Brown. I like to add a little dried out ghost pepper, and stick it all in a blender to puree.

    These Sand Dollar cookies are so cute.

    Of course, you have to have the baking patience to make little holes in each cookie. From Diamonds for Dessert.

    Stitch up the most epic beach blanket ever.

    Chica and Jo have instructions.

    Stick an old coffee table on it to hold your food.

    As gorgeous as this looks, you might fare better with a fold-up table or large TV tray. From DrewbPhotography.

    Avoid sandy butt with these DIY chairs made of broomsticks and towels.

    Glow in the dark beach balls!

    Turns out, there are so many versions of your basic beach ball. This one's from There's also a 17-foot-tall one (wat).

    DIY a giant Twister game for your group of friends and anyone you happen to meet.

    Even better, Twister might help your summer fling happen faster. Instructions over on Luxe Living Forum.

    First person to turn this into a drinking game wins.

    View this video on YouTube

    It's called Flick n' Sticks, and it's probably already a drinking game. But it's fun on a budget.

    More traditionally, play some ladder golf.

    Mom Endeavors has a DIY version. This is fun for more than just kids.

    Bring a light-up bocce ball set for a fun night-time activity.

    This one is $99.95.

    Being at the beach is the perfect photo op.

    Staying late into the night?

    Beach bonfire. For real. Directions over at Men's Health. Just make sure you have a permit for it and everything.

    Keep a jug of vinegar in the trunk of your car to mitigate jelly fish stings.

    A jellyfish or sea lice sting can really kill the vibe. Pouring vinegar over the affected area will help to alleviate the pain.

    Keep your phone or e-reader in a plastic bag to protect it.

    The touchscreen will still work. You could also wrap it in saran wrap.

    Be the smart one who brought baby powder to clean sand off dirty feet.

    Everyone will thank you.