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    32 Things You Should Be Cleaning But Aren't

    Let me just layer on the guilt here.

    1. Hairbrushes

    2. Toothbrushes

    3. The toothbrush's holder

    4. Vacuum filters

    5. Trash cans

    6. Telephones (+ cell phones)

    7. Shower curtains

    Think you can just wipe down that shower curtain with vinegar? Think again. (Hint: you can put it right in your washing machine.)

    8. TV remotes and game controllers

    9. Your car's steering wheel and buttons

    10. Pop-up sink stoppers

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    There's more hair there than you think.

    11. Also bathtub drains

    12. Faucet aerators

    13. Reusable grocery bags

    14. Doormats

    15. Duvets and pillows

    16. Bathroom exhaust fan

    17. AC/heating vents

    18. Door locks

    19. BBQ grill

    20. Houseplants

    21. Credit cards

    22. Bathroom loofahs

    23. Oscillating fans

    24. Earbuds and headphones

    25. Yoga mats

    26. Lampshades

    27. Aluminum water bottles

    28. Ice cube trays

    29. Dish racks

    30. Iron

    31. High chair straps

    32. Bath toys

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