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    23 Hacks For Your Tiny Bedroom

    Congratulations on your first apartment! Time to suck it up like the rest of us.

    1. Hang your lamp.

    That way you can either skip the bedside table or keep your table space free. From here.

    2. Get a console table for your bed that doubles as a shelf and a desk.

    It's also perfect for those days when you just want to eat breakfast in bed. IKEA sells one for $129.

    3. Hang towels and things on the back of your door.

    4. Disguise your desk as a bedside table.

    Maybe not for the serious gamer. From here.

    5. Or, instead of a footboard, use your desk.

    So you have more space for your bigger computer. From here.

    6. Prop up your bed on risers.

    Not really a "hack," but hey, sometimes you just need the extra storage space. You can buy these here.

    7. Or go for a high bed with tons of drawers.

    8. Go the super-cheap route with an air mattress and milk crates.

    There is no shame in that, especially for students. Instructions here.

    9. Make a low-profile hanging hamper.

    Your dirty underthings don't have to go on the floor. DIY here.

    10. Tuck your bed into an alcove.

    This one has extra storage thanks to a bookshelf. From here.

    11. Make one wall a focal point with removable wallpaper.

    12. Suspended tables can create an illusion of space.

    For the minimalist in you. DIY here.

    13. Desks and dressers can also float.

    It all depends on what you need. Build this here.

    14. Hide a shelf behind your bed.

    Or stick your bed in front of your built-ins. The lost shelves can be long-term storage. Whatever works for your space. From here.

    15. Turn old drawers into stackable shelves.

    Not everyone gets a built-in...

    From here.

    16. You can skip the headboard in favor of a few inches of more floorspace.

    Lots of inspiration here.

    17. Or build a cushy headboard that hangs on the wall.

    Bring your staple gun. But this is easier than DIY tufts! From here.

    18. If you don't have a closet, offset your bed from the wall and create a closet behind it.

    You can do this with the Pax system from IKEA.

    19. Use every corner of space.

    You can hang stuff on this rod.

    20. Shelves count too.

    They don't have to be invasive, and they can hold anything from books to knickknacks. Tutorial here.

    21. More corner tricks: Hang some hangers.

    You can turn your prom dress into decoration, while saving closet space. Instructions here.

    22. Cover your windows with frosty film.

    For privacy that doesn't block light. Especially useful if you have a blah view. Learn more about how to use it here.

    23. Looking for color? Use paper instead.

    Instructions here.

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