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    21 Cleaning Basics You Probably Don't Know

    It's not passive-aggressive to copy and paste this on your roommate's Facebook wall, I promise.

    1. Wash dishes without a dishwasher.

    2. Scrub the grime off of your stovetop.

    3. De-gunk the inside of your oven.

    4. Sanitize your sink.

    5. Kill cutting board bacteria.

    6. Clean your toilet.

    7. Vacuum your carpets.

    8. Launder your towels.

    9. Mop the tile (or wooden floor).

    10. Get grease out of your clothes.

    11. De-rust your stainless steel.

    12. Un-scuff your leather sofa.

    13. Clean your cast iron without un-seasoning it.

    14. Un-goop the outside of your windows.

    15. Wash your workout clothes so they don't smell.

    16. Get rid of those mineral deposits.

    17. Pull all of that hair out of your drain.

    18. Dust so the dust never returns.

    19. Detangle pet hair from your carpet.

    20. Wash countertops after cooking.

    21. Then enjoy a better cup of coffee...

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