10 Things You Can Do With T-Shirts Besides Wear Them

Did spring cleaning leave you with a pile of college tees that you don’t know what to do with? The internet is here to help you refashion them into prettier and/or more practical things (alternatively, donate them).

Does anyone actually “spring clean,” or do they just look around their cozy winter nests and think about cleaning, then snuggle further down into their blanket?

Anyway, some of these projects are better suited to plain tees, while others lend themselves to printed versions. Consider yourself duly warned: for many (but not all!) of these projects, you’ll need a needle, thread, and spare time. Maybe they can keep your hands busy while you re-watch all of Game of Thrones before the new season starts — just don’t accidentally sew your fingers to the fabric.

2. 1. Let Your Pets Play With Them

This dog toy tutorial requires only two tees and a pair of scissors. There’s no word on how durable it is, but hey, if it rips, at least it was cheap and easy to make.

Because kittehs like to play, too.

4. 2. Walk on Them

Fair warning from the blogger: “while this rug was super inexpensive to make with the resource of money- it was very costly in the resource of time.” It’s so lush, though. Directions available here.

Here’s a similar rug, made with a sewing machine instead of with a latch hook, that takes much less time but requires some crafty skill.

6. 3. Turn Them Into Prettier Shirts

This is a given, but we couldn’t just leave them out. This Peplum Tee will fit snugly into your spring wardrobe…and be as comfy as the tees it’s made from.

This Summer Top is almost a dress — almost. Maybe it would work best as a swimsuit coverup?

You could make this Lace Back Tee in any shape you wanted — a large stripe, a triangle, a Pac Man.

This Workout Shirt may not count as “prettier,” but it’ll keep those pesky sleeves off your gorgeous arms. Just please always wear it with a sports bra.

10. Or A Gorgeous Dress

You’ll have to have patience and sewing skills, but this is so, so worth it if you do. Assuming you like pastel colored flowers. Directions here.

11. 4. Cuddle With Them

This handy tutorial shows you two different ways make your tees into cushy pillows. Great for camping, the car, or (maybe) your couch.

Pillowcases are easier to wash than pillows, if you want to go that route.

Perhaps the most efficient means of storing all of your wearable high school or college memories in one place, the quilt makes a great picnic or stargazing blanket. You can find DIY directions here….but if you don’t feel like learning how to quilt, you can get one made here.

14. 5. Save the Earth With Them

Or, just stop the excessive buildup of plastic bags in your pantry with these Produce Bags.

Alternately, skip the (mostly decorative) netting holes and just make these Reusable Tote Bags.

16. 6. Lounge In Them

Just couldn’t resist this old-tee-into-underwear tutorial. Because the internet has everything. But also they’re kind of awesome.

17. 7. Clean With Them

T-shirt rags are the classic old shirt DIY, so they absolutely deserve a place on this list.

Pair your shirt with old fuzzy socks and you’ll never have to buy Swiffer Sweeper refills again — just stick this Reusable Swiffer Sweeper in the washing machine.

19. 8. Accessorize With Them

Maybe your favorite pair broke last year, and that tiny plastic bread bag clip just isn’t cutting it as a repair tool anymore. Now you can save them with this Flip-Flop Refashion.

You never have to look too far to find another DIY Statement Necklace. Directions here.

The Infinity Scarf: a never-ending loop of your favorite shirts to block that cool spring breeze.

This Laptop Sleeve is more of a dust cover than an actual protective case, but does have two handy storage pockets.

23. 9. Eat On Them

Protect your table from dastardly crumbs with these Summer Fun Placemats, made with a basic cardboard loom. This blogger also has a handy tutorial for T-Shirt Potholders.

24. 10. Hang Them On Your Walls

This technique doesn’t even require sewing. Neither does this one.

Frames work, too — a few great ideas here.

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