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Adorable Pup Won’t Let Sibling Pass No Matter How Urgent It Is! LOL

Adorable Pup Won’t Let Sibling Pass No Matter How Urgent It Is! LOL Dino the golden retriever has decided he’s going to block the house’s main door today, even if his sibling, Gordo, the English bulldog wants out. Tsk, tsk! This fur ball just refuses to budge! He lies squarely in front of the door, and Gordo just can’t get through! What could Dino be thinking? What a naughty pup! Maybe he’s just too comfortable, or maybe the spot is too good to give up. Honestly, your guess is as good as mine – but this fur ball needs to let Gordo go outside sooner or later, right? Luckily, a swift word from Daddy has Dino vacating the front of the door. Phew! Now Gordo can go outside like he wanted to. Except he doesn’t seem to want to anymore?! Ah well, who can tell with pups! Do give this a like and share it around!

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You Shall Not Pass Bulldog!

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Dino, the Golden Retriever, does not want to move over for Gordo, the Bulldog, who’s laying at the front door. Tension levels rise in this home one particular afternoon and only grandpa’s intervention would help Gordo get enough time to go outside and avoid a disaster. Stay tuned to see how this saga ends :)

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