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12 Reasons Aliens Would Totally Invade Earth

Chill — they'd totally come in peace. The aliens in Independence Day: Resurgence, however, won't. There's no better time to choose your own escape for a chance to win an out-of-this-world adventure and more from TWIZZLERS Candy.

1. We have pizza here.

2. Earth is where the dogs are.

Dogs on other planets are probably weird particle blobs that don't even put their ears down when they're ashamed.

3. Sleepy baby sloths can only be found here.

4. And nothing in the universe is as complex as the earthly cat.

5. We can do magic.

6. On Earth, the biggest satisfactions are in the simplest of things.

7. Our gravity is hilarious.

8. The sunsets on this planet are the best in all the Milky Way.

We'll see your sad, gray, dull sunset and raise you an epic and golden masterpiece, MARS.

9. And we treat our one moon like a goddess.

10. Earth is where the dopest memes are.

11. Who wouldn't want to party with human dads?

12. And above all, the aliens know we’re big fans

Let's just hope they come in peace.

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