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People Share Their Alien Invasion Escape Plans

As we plan ahead, we can only hope that pop culture hasn’t done us wrong. In celebration of Independence Day: Resurgence, TWIZZLERS Candy invites you to choose your own escape for a chance to win an out-of-this-world adventure and more!

1. Operation: “Bawdy Snatcher”

2. Operation: “Take Me Home Tonight”

3. Operation: “Come On and Slam If You Are My Fam”

4. Operation: “Go Away”

5. Operation: “Float On”

6. Operation: “Blend, Blend, Blend”

7. Operation: “Screw It”

8. Operation: “Frenemies”

9. Operation: “Soft-Shell Shock”

10. Operation: “Later, Traitor”

Illustrations by Tyler Naugle ©BuzzFeed

Bring it on, aliens — clearly we’re ready for you. Click here for a chance to win your choice of epic summer escapes — from a Fighter Pilot Experience to a Hollywood Adventure — with TWIZZLERS.

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Plan to see Independence Day: Resurgence in theaters June 24!