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9 Spooky And Cute Party DIYs For Moms Who Really Love Halloween

Same holiday, different year. Make this Halloween your family's best ever with TWIX®.

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You won’t want to keep these tasty treats under wraps!

What you’ll need:

- TWIX® bars

- Pack of white candy melts

- Mini candy eyeballs

How to make ‘em:

1. Cut one TWIX® bar in half; this will make two mummies.

2. Pipe melted candy melts back and forth over bar. Don’t be afraid to get messy — these are the mummy bandages.

3. While chocolate is still wet, place the eyeball sprinkles where you like.

4. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

This nature craft is perfect for the little one who would like something a little more cute than creepy this Halloween!

What you’ll need:

- Brown pipe cleaners

- Round pinecones

- Scissors

- Googly eyes, assorted shapes

- Low-temperature hot glue gun

- Twine

How to make ‘em:

1. Wrap 4 full-length pipe cleaners around the pinecone, then shape pipe cleaners into 8 spider legs. Adjust length with scissors if necessary.

2. Glue googly eyes with glue gun to the bottom of the pinecone (establishing the front of the spider).

3. Tie twine around the body to hang spider.

There is always a way to inject some legit beauty into Halloween decor. This skull planter flower arrangement makes the perfect spooky statement without being cheesy.

What you’ll need:

- A plastic skull planter

- Floral foam block

- Knife to cut foam

- Bowl of water

- Large sealed-top bag

- A variety of fresh flowers

- Pruning shears

How to make it:

1. Remove top of skull and cut a square block out of floral foam.

2. Insert foam in skull and slice away edges so it fits perfectly, but leave at least half an inch of floral foam peeking out from the top of the skull.

3. Submerge floral foam in a bowl of water.

4. Trim top off the sealed-top bag.

5. Use trimmed bag to line inside of skull, then place your water-soaked floral foam back into the skull.

6. Trim flower stems at an angle and put flower stems through foam.

7. Continue building floral arrangement, adjusting flowers as needed to achieve the shape and look you want.

An easy way to make a big statement at the snack table this Halloween!

What you’ll need:

- Medium pumpkin (per snack pail)

- Medium plastic bowl with lip

- Marker

- Carving knife

- TWIX® bars and other snacks of your choice

How to make ‘em:

1. Trace bowl top onto top of pumpkin with marker.

2. Cut carefully along outline of bowl.

3. Remove pumpkin lid and innards.

4. Set plastic bowl down into pumpkin.

5. Fill with party treats.

This whimsical indoor or outdoor wreath captures the spooky spirit without being too scary.

What you’ll need:

- 1 large plastic foam wreath form

- Black craft paint

- Small paintbrush

- Black feather boa

- Floral pins

- 8 to 16 ping-pong balls

- Paint pens in various colors

- Hot glue gun

How to make ‘em:

1. Paint plastic foam wreath form black and let dry.

2. Wrap feather boa around form and use floral pins to secure.

3. Use paint pens to create detailed pupils and irises on each ping-pong ball.

4. Apply bead of hot glue to back of painted ping-pong balls and attach floral pin.

5. Carefully stick eyeball with floral pin onto wreath body and repeat for other eyeballs.

This delectable, three-ingredient instant dip pairs perfectly with fresh fruit like apple slices!

What you’ll need:

- 8 ounces cream cheese, softened

- 8 ounces whipped topping

- 1 cup TWIX® bites, chopped

- Caramel sauce (optional)

How to make ‘em:

1. Beat cream cheese until smooth.

2. Add whipped topping, fold into cream cheese.

3. Add chopped TWIX® bites.

4. Refrigerate until ready to eat. Drizzle caramel sauce on top if desired.

The best thing about DIY is finding a project that suits your style. This stylish take on a jack-o’-lantern is surprisingly chic.

What you’ll need:

- White craft paint

- Pumpkins

- Permanent marker

- Large paint brush

- Power drill and drill bits

How to make ‘em:

1. Apply two coats of white craft paint onto pumpkins with large paintbrush. Let dry between coats.

2. When paint is fully dry, use permanent marker to mark where holes will be.

3. Carefully drill into pumpkin where marks are.

Tip: It helps to always start with a smaller drill bit than you think!

Whatever you choose to tuck away in these trifle containers, they’ll give just the right amount of authentic eeriness to your house of haunt.

What you’ll need:

- Craft paint

- Large paintbrush

- Plastic trifle containers

- Plastic creepy crawlies

- Hot glue gun

- TWIX® bars and other snacks of your choice

How to make ‘em:

1. Apply 2 to 3 coats of craft paint to entire outer surface of jar and lid. Let paint dry between coats.

2. Apply 2 coats of craft paint to rubber creatures. Let paint dry completely.

3. Glue insects to the body of the bowl.

4. Fill the bowls with TWIX® bars and other snacks of your choice!

These goodie bags are as fun to make as they are to open. Give out both a trick and a treat by filling these with candy and rubber insects!

What you’ll need:

- Orange tissue paper

- Circular cake pan (at least a 9-inch pan)

- Pencil

- Scissors

- Mini TWIX® bars

- Rubber insects

- Green electrical or floral tape

- Green pipe cleaners

How to make ‘em:

1. Pile 6 to 8 sheets of tissue paper on top of one another; one goodie bag requires two sheets.

2. Put cake pan on top of sheets and trace outline with pencil.

3. Using sharp scissors, cut out circle.

4. Pile candy and rubber insects into center of circle.

5. Gather up edges of circle.

6. Tape up ends to create “stem.”

7. Curl pipe cleaner around pencil and wrap around stem. Trim as desired.

Celebrate your favorite holiday in a different way this Halloween with TWIX®!