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5 Things We Learned on General Hospital Last Week

It was another gripping week of ABC's General Hospital.

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1. Love prevails FUGLY dress.

We know just how much Laura was willing to marry Scotty when she put on that FUGLY nurse/nun dress or whatever you want to call it. Too bad Tim Gunn wasn't lurking around the corner to tell her Scotty wasn't worth making that dress work.

2. Pizza makes everything better.

A little advice to fathers that have been absent over a decade, bring your pregnant daughter pizza from the best italian place in town and not only will they forgive you, but they'll bond with you too. Although these scenes would make for a great Peter Piper Pizza commercial, we can't help, but wonder why Maxie Jones is giving Frisco the time of day. Not only did the dead beat father miss out on her childhood, but he also failed to show up at the funeral for his other daughter, Georgie. That must have been some damn good pizza.

3. The world is not eco-friendly enough for children.

Yeah that was our thought too. If we ever believed these two were perfect for each other we definitely don't believe it now. Global warming too threatening for cute E-Trade babies, really?

4. Ticking teddy bears are terrifying.

Just after convincing her family the stuff animal was harmless, Lulu realized their concerns were right when it started ticking. Moments later she passed out and was eventually kidnapped. Moral here? Bears with clocks are dangerous. GET TO THE CHOPPA!

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