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12 Of The Funniest Accounts That You Need To Follow On Twitter

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1. [@TabloidArtHist] Celebrity life imitating art

'Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind' (detail) by Jean-Léon Gérôme, 1896. // Kim K looses her diamond ear…

2. [@FakeScience] Fake learn some stuff!

3. [@infinite_scream] Pretty much the only response to 2017

4. [@stats_canada] When you want made-up stats told to you in the politest way

84% of Canadian mothers would like you to dress in 79% more layers

5. [@tastefactory] Brooklynite and maker of clever ant-trap signs

Manager: Your fired Me: *You're Manager: How did you know I spelled it wrong if I spoke it out loud Me: How did you know I corrected you

6. [@dubstep4dads] The Twitter user who you pretend is your cool best friend

me, in bed with a girl: ive never done this before her: im sure youll do fine [i land a backflip perfectly] her: haha sick

7. [@Karate_Horse] A little NSFW, a little thought-provoking, always hilarious

What if you suddenly died for some reason while lying in a coffin. would they put you in a different coffin or use same one

8. [@ch000ch] Comedy writer and not actual owl person

me: are u sure u don't want more shrimp my date: I'm good me: because it's endless

9. [@jonnysun] All-around mega talent and funny person

set ur alarm to play the jurasic park theme song evry mornimg so when u groan abot not wanting to wake up u'll feel like a majestic dinosuar

10. [@KenJennings] Former Jeopardy champ, now hilarious Twitter person

Say what you will about white people, nobody is better at coming up with new ways to spell Hayley.

11. [@meganamram] The actual reigning queen of Twitter

I don't watch TV but I also don't read, I just try to see if I can get my tongue so far back in my throat that I choke on it

12. [@isacatinthesink] Heroically answering this pressing question

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