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Here's What "The Bachelorette" Contestants Look Like

You can't tell us that Jordan Rodgers doesn't look like asparagus.

Robbie Hayes = Aggressively Manscaped Ken Doll

Daniel Maguire = A weiner

Derek Peth = John Krasinski

Christian Bishop = Oscar from Shark Tales

Christian Bishop = A quokka

James Taylor = Will Haduch

Will Haduch = Charlie Bucket

Luke Pell = Charlie Sheen

Coley Knust = Paul Dano

Chase McNary = An Alpaca

Grant Kemp = The Crimson Chin

Evan Bass = Bruce from Family Guy

Alex Woytkiw = Lord Farquaad

Alex Woytkiw = An Oompa Loompa

Alex Woytkiw = A Weasel

Jordan Rodgers = Veggie Tales Asparagus

Jordan Rodgers = A Fancy Veggie Tales Asparagus

Vincent Ventiera = Vinny Guadagnino

Chad Johnson = Bruce The Shark

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