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The 13 Most Beloved Twin Peaks Fan Art Pieces Of 2013

Even though David Lynch and Mark Frost's cult television show first aired in 1990, Twin Peaks fan art is still created on a daily basis and Welcome to Twin Peaks continues to highlight the best of it. By the way "Likes" and "Shares" on Facebook, the Twin Peaks fan community curated its 13 favorite pieces of fan art of the past year.

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1. Twin Peaks Pie & Coffee Supercut

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With over 5,000 combined Likes and Shares on Welcome to Twin Peaks, this meant-to-be supercut is definitely the most popular Twin Peaks fan art of the year. And we owe Bryan Menegus many damn good coffees for it.

PS: Kyle MacLachlan himself tweeted about the video.

2. The Shining Meets Twin Peaks In The Red Room 237 / Via

A mashup of iconic floor patterns, Jared Lyon's "Purgatory" gained over 4,500 Facebook Likes and Shares on Welcome to Twin Peaks alone.

3. Twin Peaks Illustrated

Twin Peaks Illustrated is the passion project of 31-year-old graphic designer Martin Woutisseth from France. He spent every minute of spare time in 2013 to complete this beautiful homage to Twin Peaks.

5. Random Pearl Lakes Memories

A nod to Daft Punk's chart-topping album, here's Daft BOB's "Random Pearl Lakes Memories" featuring the hit single "Get Happy". Head by Jon Smith, album mockup by Welcome to Twin Peaks.

6. The Truth Is Not What It Seems

Via @LaStat69

The creator of this Twin Peaks vs. The X-Files mashup with over 1.7k Likes remains unknown, but Mulder, Scully and Cooper are on it.

7. The Last Supper In Twin Peaks / Via

The Last Supper in Twin Peaks obviously has coffee and donuts on the menu. Art by Teeno Crippa (aka "Alan Smithee").

8. The Man From Another Clay / Via

Made of Super Sculpey, The Man From Another Place by Brenda Little was one of the many fantastic Twin Peaks art pieces at the Damn Fine Coffee tribute in L.A.

9. Twin Peaks by Clay Rodery

A stunning piece that seems to glow in the dark, "Twin Peaks" by Clay Rodery mesmerized over a thousand fans.

10. Twin Peanuts

Who killed Lucy? A Twin Peaks and Peanuts mashup by Jason Young.

11. The Log Action Figure

This "Log" action figure by Fried is pretty absurd, but then so is Twin Peaks.

13. The Simpsons Meets Twin Peaks

Based on the wonderful Twin Peaks spoof in the "Who shot Mr. Burns?" episode of The Simpsons, this is "tiuS 'snruB" by Frank Macchia.

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