The 13 Most Beloved Twin Peaks Fan Art Pieces Of 2013

Even though David Lynch and Mark Frost's cult television show first aired in 1990, Twin Peaks fan art is still created on a daily basis and Welcome to Twin Peaks continues to highlight the best of it. By the way "Likes" and "Shares" on Facebook, the Twin Peaks fan community curated its 13 favorite pieces of fan art of the past year.

Welcome to Twin Peaks • 4 years ago

The Twin Peaks Theme As A Christmas Song

A Christmas treat from director David Lynch and composer Angelo Badalamenti, here's the bumper music for Twin Peaks’ promotional holiday greeting from the 90s in full glory. You can purchase it together with One-Eyed Jack's parlor piano music and the studio version of Dark Mood Woods for less than a dollar.

Welcome to Twin Peaks • 6 years ago

David Lynch To Release Electronic Album In June

From Welcome To Twin Peaks: “The songs are like pictures for me, they all have stories. There is a scene for each song,” said Lynch while enjoying a skimmed milk espresso. Asked whether he’ll ever perform his songs live, the director answered: “I’m afraid that will not happen, my friend.”

Welcome to Twin Peaks • 6 years ago