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    • twinghost

      haha jobbs was hardly innovative im sorry, but he stole ideas continuously through his career while having the audacity to say “stealing ideas is just wrong” he was a hypocrite so its no wonder the company is starting to fail, the only people who think apples products are worth buying are their die hard fans, ive seen more people turn from apple to other products over the past 5 years than ive seen people turn TO apple products, the sheep will flock, while the rest of us laugh at how easily lead some people are, im sorry, but its true, and if this makes you angry then you are unfortunately probably one of those people

    • twinghost

      wheres the lies? you sound like a troll, anything to backup what you are saying please feel free to post it, because this was pretty much spot on with apple, the iphone was alright, still ripped off plenty of ideas anyway, but then what… repeat an release the same thing a thousand times with cutbacks and tiny promises and edits to get the fans buying more? yeah cause thats a great business model… not

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