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Which Natalia Personality Are You???

CLICK THIS QUIZ it'll be sWEET but also very inaccurate lol so dont get any hopes up

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  1. What would you do if you saw your friend dancing in public?

    Join in ofc!
    pretend u don't know them!!! it's highkey embarrassing tbh
    Stop them immediately! What if they hurt themself?
    stop them BUT secretly laugh and wish u joined in
  2. Choose one

    These questions are too difficult so we're leaving it up to fate

  3. What's your ideal birthday?

    Partying it up with ur besties!
    you wouldn't want to host anything bc you'd end up taking care of anyone
    you aren't sure but u definitely don't want to see anyone u don't like
    Honestly it kinda just feels like any other day but you're still secretly v excited
  4. oh no your friend forgot their money & you're eating lunch together! what do you do?

    lend them money ofc! you always have ur friends' backs :)))
    let them borrow money, bc you want to make sure they get a decent, healthy meal
    laugh at them bc wow they're so dumb you can't even believe they did that
    tell them that they should have remembered but end up giving them money out of the good of ur heart :)))))
  5. One last question up to fate!

    I don't think you realize how difficult these are to come up with

Which Natalia Personality Are You???

You got: MAtalia

CONGRATS YOU GOT MATALIA!!! (mom + natalia) You're probably the not fun one in the group (LOL) haha jk but you're very protective and have no problem telling ur friends when they're being idiots!

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You got: Sarcastic Natalia

wow you're one of THOSE "I'm not mean I'm just honest" types ew JK SARCASTIC NATA IS FUNNY SO YOU'RE FUNNY TOO but also a little bit mean like her but it's k bc she's still awesome to be around?

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You got: RUPMP's Nata!

wOW you got RUPMP's Nata! possibly the best nata personality there is 10/10 would recommend!! There's a little bit of low self-esteem thrown in there but it's k we're working on it :))) RUPMP's Nata is basically the best of all her personalities thrown into one person so congrats!

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You got: Good mood Nata!!!

Congrats you got good mood nata!!! Good Mood Nata's very fun to be around :))) she dances a lot and makes funny jokes and she's SUPER affectionate it's a huge confidence boost lol

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