"Who Lived Here" Retro TV Quiz

They let us look into their living rooms from ours, but how many television houses do you recognize? The answers are at the bottom, but scroll slowly to see how your TV IQ stacks up!

Hint: this family had three kids to fight over the best bedroom!

Hint: if you needed a cup of sugar, you could try across the street at mom and dad’s.

Hint: this house had plenty of room for sleepovers and surprise dance performances

Hint: the show’s location featured prominently in the series, but this house isn’t even in the same state.

Hint: You can visit this house because it’s part of a theme park!

Hint: The person who lived here lived alone.

The answers? Are you sure?

The Conner house on Roseanne, seen weekdays at 3AM/2C.
The Barrone house on Everybody Loves Raymond, seen every day at 9PM/8C
The Huxtable house on The Cosby Show, coming to TV Land September 10 at 8PM/7C
The Heffernan house on King of Queens, seen weeknights at 11PM/10C
The Cleaver house on Leave it to Beaver, seen weekday mornings at 9AM/8C
The Fletcher house on Murder, She Wrote seen M-Th at 8AM/7C

Find out what channel TV Land is on where you live at http://www.tvland.com/channel-finder-page/

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