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12 Things Every Bartender Learns On The Job

This one's on us. There's no tougher job than bar keeping, especially if it's your fallback career. Watch it all happen in the series premiere of Jennifer Falls, tonight on TV Land!

1. Mixology is an art and a science.


"Greyhounds and Salty Dogs are my specialty."

2. Pitchers never last as long as they should.

3. Finding out you work on Cinco de Mayo: the WORST.

4. Everybody forgets how to eat when they're drunk.


"More pretzels, bartender."

5. There's always one of these guys every night:

6. A lot of people "forget" to tip.

7. Last call is pretty much the best thing ever...

8. ...until everyone wants another drink.

9. Seriously, everyone is trying to get your attention.

10. What's worse is when they try to flirt with you.

11. But through it all, there's always the satisfaction of crafting the perfect cocktail...

12. ...and the knowledge that everyone secretly envies your skills.

You are the ultimate multitasker.