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16 Reasons Why Losing Your Job Is Actually The Best

So you lost your job. There are plenty of bright sides! Pick yourself up and learn by example — catch the series premiere of Jennifer Falls, tonight on TV Land!

1. Goodbye, buzzing fluorescent lights. Goodbye, pantsuits, khakis, and whites.

2. Drop everything you're doing. You're going home EARLY!


"Moving forward, those hard copy deliverables are your problem."

3. Meetings, schmeetings.


"See ya, team players."

4. Enjoy your one-way commute rush hour-free!


And pocket all that gas money.

5. From now on, you're working for YO SELF.


You know, that whole freelancing-from-home thing that people do.

6. Now every day is the weekend!



7. No more dress code!


HELLO, sweatpants!

8. That co-worker who never refilled the coffee? OUT OF YOUR LIFE.

9. And that obnoxiously loud typer next to you? GONE.

10. No more mile-long email threads.


tl; marked as read.

11. No more boss looking over your shoulder!


"Does this pop enough?"

12. Unlimited breaks!

"4:30 p.m. Time for my second late-afternoon snack break."

13. 9 to 5? LMAO.


"More like hopefully I'll get up before noon."

14. Never eat over your keyboard again...

AprilsAnimals / / Via
AprilsAnimals / / Via

"Yes, I'd like a standing order of pizza — Sunday through Saturday, please."

15. ...and rock out headphones-free!

While you eat pizza, of course.

16. Finally, no responsibilities!