How To Host A Golden Girls Viewing Party

The Golden Girls come to TV Land this Saturday, March 16 for a two day marathon starting at 3PM/2C. To make sure you’re hosting the best viewing party in the neighborhood, we’ve put together this cheat sheet of things you’ll need!

1. Make Sure Your Guests Have Something To Drink

Or Rose will get mad!

4. Serve Some Sicilian Pasta Sauce

You want to make Sophia proud!

5. Though It’s Possible Some Of Your Guests Might Want To Order In

6. While Watching TV Is A Good Time For A Face Mask

Make sure you have enough for all your guests or someone’s gonna look weird.

7. Everyone Loves A Box Of Malamuds!

Good for snacking on before dessert.

8. Not Quite Ganurkenflurgen, But Close

It’s Kryddkaka cake and we’re pretty sure Rose and all the St. Olaf-ians would approve. Consider this the first cake course.

9. We Think Vanilla Will Go Well With The Ganurkenflurgen

Haagen Dazs is a pretty good choice.

10. Some Viewing Parties Are Racier Than Others

But better safe than sorry…

11. But You KNOW You Can’t Have A Golden Girls Party Without This

My personal favorite!

13. Just Remember…

After all of this, you’ll probably have to go to the gym on Monday morning!

Don’t forget to watch The Golden Girls this weekend, March 16 and 17 at 3PM/2C on TV Land and every weeknight starting March 18 at 7PM/6C. TV Land is now in more HD homes than ever, find out what channel we’re on where you live!

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