8 Seniors Of Classic TV You Don’t Want To Mess With!

Like the cast of TV Land’s new reality series, Forever Young, these seniors know that life begins at 40 and doesn’t slow down.

1. Aunt Bee

She might avoid using profanity, but you KNOW what she means.

2. Mrs. Roper

She might have traded her hot pants for a caftan, but her libido is still hot, hot, hot!

3. Arthur Spooner

Always a supportive word.

4. Lou Grant

I wouldn’t cut in front of him in the lunch line.

5. Marie Barone

A mother always has helpful advice.

6. Fred Sanford

Fathers too!

7. Sophia Petrillo

But I wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley…

8. Archie Bunker

Or get on his bad side.

Meet the next crop of seniors with attitude when Forever Young premieres April 3 at 10PM/9C. TV Land is now in more HD homes than ever - find out what channel we’re on where you live!

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