17 Swinging Senior Tweeters

Out of touch? Hardly! These #foreveryoung seniors have their fingers on the pulse of the internet - or at least they’re trying. Like what you see? Then you won’t want to miss Forever Young, April 3 at 10PM/9C on TV Land: two generations, one house. Both generations think they have nothing to learn from each other, but they would be wrong. This is one ‘social experiment’ that could change the way you look at the ‘Age Gap’.

1. Joan Collins: Thinspo At Its Finest

Proving that Joan works hard to look that good!

2. Cher: Proving WTF Knows No Age

Yes Cher, that is totally random.

3. Patrick Stewart: Tastespotting

Live Mas, Patrick, Live Mas.

4. Chuck Norris: Belieber

I really want to go to this birthday party.

5. Sally Jesse Raphael: Tipsy Tweeter

But in a classy way, with champagne!

6. James Bond: ROBOTS!

Perhaps Sir Roger Would Benefit From This

7. Meryl Streep: Internet Watchdog

Someone should warn Sir Roger Moore.

8. William Shatner: Understands Meta

9. Batman: The Dark Knight Defending The Weak

I Thank You, Good Sir

10. Neil Diamond: Bringing The Funny???

11. Dolly Parton: Might Know Neil Diamond

12. Martha Stewart: First World Problems

The twitterverse feels your pain.

13. Larry King: Sh!t Your Dad Says

Don’t get him started on Angry Birds.

14. Joan Rivers: Dangerously Close To Understanding Sexting

15. Judy Blume: Digs Cat Memes

Indeed We Do, Judy

16. Phil Jackson: LOL

NBA Championships Are Easy; Typing Is Hard

Bing Translates Phil From The Lithuanian

That makes much more sense.

17. George Takei: Wins The Internet


TV Land’s new reality series, Forever Young, premieres April 3 at 10PM/9C where young and old collide with hilarious results. Get ready to Laugh More! TV Land is now in more HD homes than ever, find out what channel we’re on where you live!

Make sure to follow our own swinging seniors @ArthurAlbertTV and @LouCordileone and watch them in action tomorrow night!

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