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12 GIFs Of Christmas Featuring Betty White With A Puppy And Donald Faison Strip Tease

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me... hol-i-day specials on T-V! There's no holiday special more special than a TV Land holiday special. Here are 12 GIF(t)s that prove you should spend the holidays with us this year.

12. Lights Galore

TV Land / Via

More Christmas lights than you could ever dream of.

11. George Clooney

TV Land / Via

Drinks with everyone's favorite little raindeer!

10. Gift Giving

TV Land / Via

Haskell is an expert at unwrapping gifts.

9. Christmas Teases

TV Land / Via

Some gifts are the act of unwrapping..

8. The Grinch

TV Land / Via

Though not everyone is a fan of the Holiday season.

7. Dancing!

TV Land / Via

Get your groove on with the ladies of Hot in Cleveland this Christmas Eve!

6. The Mistletoe

TV Land / Via

A little listerine goes a long way to keeping your mistletoe minty fresh.

5. Trips Down The Chimney

TV Land / Via

Old Saint Nick isn't the only one who can get in through the chimney.

4. Proof Of Santa Claus

TV Land / Via

"You came to my house for one night and then you left before I woke up!"

He really IS Santa!

3. Holy Jesus!

TV Land / Via

"Coming right up!"

2. The Celebrations

TV Land / Via

An all new Christmas episode of Hot In Cleveland will be sure to have you cheering for Joy! (And the rest of the ladies)

1. The Most Adorable Pairing EVER

TV Land / Via

Betty White and George Clooney (the puppy).

TV Land / Via

Hot In Cleveland's first Christmas Special airs December 17th at 10/9c!

Watch an encore during MERRYTHON! December 24th and 25th holiday themed episodes are playing day and night!

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