11 Reasons We Love The Golden Girls

This groundbreaking and hilarious sitcom is on TV Land! Here are 11 moments we can’t wait to watch! Make sure you join our new Facebook page where we’ll be chatting about all our favorite Golden Girls moments!

1. I’m Sorry, Could You Say That Again?

The modern woman shouldn’t travel without protection…

2. Can I Take Your Height?

“God, I wish I was dead.” Well said, Blanche, well said.

3. They Were Way Ahead Of Their Time

On gay and Lebanese, I mean lesbian, issues.

4. Two Words: Sonny, Cher

And you’ve got to admit, it’s a pretty spot-on imitation!

5. One Word Three Times: Sophia, Sophia, Sophia

Elevating the zinger to an art form!

6. The Amazing Cuisine of St. Olaf

Including the miraculous Sperheoven Krispies.

7. They Would Never Let A Man Come Between Them

Except when they would.

8. Explaining The Aging Process

Tactfully and compassionately.

9. Sleepovers!

Inadvertent bed sharing resulted in some of the funniest moments.

10. Mess With Betty White At Your Own Peril!

Rose could be dotty and often a little slow, but she’s got the fastest hands in St. Olaf!

11. 147 Cheesecakes!

For when precision is important!

Watch the Golden Girls weekends on TV Land! Find out what channel we’re on where you live and we look forward to watching The Golden Girls with you!

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