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Vladimir Putin Is Now A Fashion Muse, Yes Really

What do you get the ruler who has everything? A fashion capsule collection in his honor, of course

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Vladimir Putin has been known for many things. President, shirtless horseback rider, meme inspiration…and now you can add fashion muse to the list, seriously. In honor of his 65th birthday on October 7th, English brand Matchless London announced him as the muse behind their new hi-tech leather jacket and upcoming capsule collection set for a January 2018 release.

Matchless London / Via

The jacket is made to withstand up to -40° weather, making it a good fit for long distance rides and outdoor activities while still looking cool. Created with the use of high tech leather, it is the first of its kind so it can come of use in a country where the average winter temperature is -10°C.

The iconic English brand is known for their motorcycles and riding apparel, so what inspired them to pick the Russian leader? Putin seemed like the right choice due to his mysterious persona and stern ruling abilities. “Matchless London is famous for its luxury jackets inspired by real and fictional super heroes – from Marlon Brando to Arnold Schwarzenegger and from Batman to James Bond, we consider Russian President Vladimir Putin a modern super hero as well, giving personal respect to his strong character, brutal image, sense of humor and calmness as a world leader,” expressed Matchless managing director, Manuele Malenotti.

Opened in 1899, Matchless have been creating motorcycles for over 117 years and were even the first motorcycle company to create biker apparel. Since then they've been dressing everybody from Tom Hardy to the Pope. Their previous "Hero" capsule collections include homages to the Suicide Squad, The Terminator, The Avengers, and 007 James Bond himself.

Instagram: @matchlesslondon

Who knew the Pope and Arnold Schwarzenegger had so much in common?

What else can we expect to see in the collection?

More jackets, parkas and coats that will be released in January 2018 for their 2018/2019 collection. While the combination seems far-fetched, Putin shares a lot in common with the Matchless customer. Still riding motorcycles and horses (shirtless), in his mid-60’s, Putin does embody the epitome of a badass.

Each sleeve will be adorned with the number 6595 which symbolizes the distance from the westernmost part of Russia to the easternmost.

Matchless London / Via

"The DNA of our brand is motorcycles. It is all about road and distance. Russia is the longest country on Earth. We decided to measure the distance between the westernmost point of Russia that is near Kaliningrad at Russian-Polish border, and easternmost point of Russia that is Naukan on Bering Strait facing Alaska. Google map counted 6595 kilometres between these two points. Surprisingly figure 6595 also refers to 65th anniversary of the Russian President," said Malenotti.

No matter what your opinion of the man is, the jacket has gotten a lot of buzz and Matchless has received over a thousand requests for the Putin jacket. At the moment there's no word on whether or not Putin himself will be rocking the namesake jacket, but it is available for pre-order so you can.

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