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9 Must See Runway Shows You Can Only Find At MBFW Russia

These designers really know how to put on a show and you're gonna want to see it all

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia recently wrapped up its 34th season in Moscow where the runway shows were as hot as the weather was cold. In case you missed it, catch up on the catwalks that really took it to the next level.

Bella Potemkina

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

If there could be only one word to describe Russian designer Bella Potemkinas runway show for her new collection it would be: PARTY! So much so that it started off with a DJ coming in to get the crowd amped as Nastasya Samburskaya opened the show. The clothes fit the energetic vibe with plenty of pinks, fishnets and glittery accents. Wigs, thigh highs and dramatic slits encapsulated the high volume collection that could entice the biggest of party girls from the likes of Edie Sedgwick to Rihanna. Not only was it fun but also eco friendly with Kanecaron modacrylic fibers making up the faux fur coats sported by the models. A short video documentary precursor to the show gave insight to Potemkinas design process but the party really starts at the 4:34 mark when the DJ drops the beat. Watch the runway below and get in on the good time.

Artem Shumov

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

One of the few exclusively menswear designers to show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia was Artem Shumov. For his FW 2017 fast-paced show he had the models walk so quickly that there was no stop at the end of the catwalk. This was only enhanced by the strategic makeup and hairstyling of the models. Appearing to be disheveled and beaten up, each model showcased a different ensemble that was different from the last. Inspired Russian history and a break from society the models appeared to be in a combative state, a little beaten but up but not broken down. Pins, draped coats, jumpsuits and vibrant details provided plenty to look at throughout the quick show. See for yourself below.

Alexandr Rogov

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

For his first official runway show, stylist and designer (though he wouldn't call himself that) Alexandr Rogov brought down the house with his high energy catwalk. As Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey played the models paraded their stylish ensembles. Embodying the rich socialite or the notorious party girl, the models exuded a playful energy that made the runway feel more like the afterparty. Rogovs moniker was also prominent throughout the FW 2017 collection that included rich prints, feathers, sparkles and plenty of pink hues. The must see moment (watch below): the final look. A one shouldered black romper with an open leg, thigh high boots and bare breast with a sparkle covered nipple. That's one way to free the nipple for sure!

Lumiér Garson

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Designer Jean Rudoff's FW 2017 Lumiér Garson collection was conceptuality at its best. Taking a look at the loss of individuality created by the fashion industry and the post-apocalyptic world, models with covered faces and somber walks made the message resonate thought the venue. Military inspired tones of khaki, black and olive are complimented by light pinks to make the models look ready for battle. The show caught viewers off guard with its dark, anxiety-inducing soundtrack and clothing racks placed at the start of the runway. It seems to be as much a performance piece as it does a runway show but isn't that all part of the fun?


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Inspired by todays trailblazers and the styles of the 90's, the designer duo behind MACH&MACH put on a show that wowed the crowd. Set to the upbeat tunes of EMMANUELLE the models strutted down the runway in vibrant hues of yellow, fuchsia and purple. Flowing skirts, monochrome ensembles and 3D florals that moved with the models made quite an impression but the real stars of the catwalk were the shoes. MACH&MACH are known for clever use of textiles within their shoes and this collection proved no different. Furry accents, shiny metallics and dainty ribbons made each model look like an individual while still maintaining a cohesive collection. Rocking statements like "COSMIC GIRL" and "DO NOT DISTURB" the models made way for a new era of girl power that you can check out below.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Yury Pitenin's highly anticipated Saint-Tokyo FW 2017 show set trends before it even began. Invitations came with a bold, black and white SAINT-TOKYO branded band that attendees wore which instantly caught fire on social media (can you say genius marketing?). However that wasn't the only surprise in store as the models didn't take the traditional route on the runway opting for a strategic pathway that had to be perfectly timed (watch below). Make up of smoky eyes and metallic add-ons created an air of mystery around the models. The Saint-Tokyo woman is not afraid to mix prints, wear asymmetrical skirts and layer corsets over dresses. She marches to the beat of her own drum in her puffy jacket, lace skirt and geometric silhouette.

Portnoy Beso

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

"The Devil is a Woman" indeed. At least that is the what Russian-Georgian designer Beso Turazashvili behind Portnoy Beso named his collection. Reminiscent of The Devils Advocate with a background track Alfred Hitchcock would be envious of, the suspense filled show embodied seduction and luxury. Bustiers, sequins and even a bomber jacket brought out a feeling of temptation and thrill throughout the show. Black and nude tones with pops of deep scarlet played up the devilish theme. Set to the tunes of impetuous violins, She Wants Revenge and the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club the show was unlike any other. Watch below and get entranced into the thrilling world of Portnoy Beso.

Igor Gulyaev

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Whoever said "less is more" wasn't aware of how luxurious "more" could look. From the voluminous hats to the shaggy coats and layered skirts, Igor Gulyaev made sure there was no shortage of eye-catching pieces to marvel at. For his FW 2017 collection Gulyaev delivered a variety in terms of silhouettes, textiles and hats (each more dramatic than the last). The show itself on the other hand took things to an even higher level. Large gold safe doors placed at each end of the runway made things even more theatric in the way only Gulyaev knows how. Were the models walking out of the bank symbolizing the wealth of their appearance or are they part of a lavish international espionage team à la the Oceans Eleven reboot about to get away with all the loot? Watch below and decide for yourself.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Walking from the opposite end of the runway is one way to get a crowds attention. Another is to send down deconstructed looks to the stirring music of Koudlam. This is exactly what the students of Art and Design School laboratory of the HSE University did. The overall collection of H.A.R.D. 3.0. ZAVTRA CLUB takes a glimpse (and you can too, below) into the future by deconstructing past looks and recreating them to appease a new generation of fashionistas. A vivid color palette that ranged from a rich mustard to majestic navy created variety within the strong collection. From togas and bombers to capes and nosebags the entire runway doesn't disappoint and if this is what future designers have to offer, sign us up!
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