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14 Vegan Tees With A Message

There's no shame in your vegan game so go ahead and flaunt it in these comfy and cruelty-free tees

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1. Plant Powered by Vegan Supply Co.

Vegan Supply Co. / Via Instagram: @vegansupplyco

While many think the only things vegans eat are salads, it doesn't phase them because plants are unbeatable. This super cute tee from Vegan Supply Co. is good for a beach day or you know....just chilling on the couch.

2. #VEGANAF by Vegan Fat Kid

@veganfatkid / Via

A shirt that's versatile and can be worn to the mall or to the gym but vegainz not included. While AF doesn't stand for Animal Friendly, it can with this tee from @veganfatkid and Vegetaryn because a portion the proceeds go to Beagle Freedom Project, PETA, Animal Place, Mercy for Animals and more throughout the year!

5. Favorite Things by The Tree Kisser

The Tree Kisser / Via

Count me IN for all the things. The Tree Kisser has plenty of vegan inspired apparel and this black muscle tee is a keeper for sure because who doesn't love rescuing animals?

6. Plant Based by Plant Faced

Plant Faced / Via

Up the cool factor of the white tee with some Japanese Kanji. Translation: made from plants. It's just the perfect level of minimalist so get yours before they sell out from Plant Faced.

7. No Chill When It Comes To Animal Rights by Crazies and Weirdos

Crazies and Weirdos / Via

No chill when it comes to couples goals. These two prove that a vegan diet can do a body good while your body does good and protects animals. Crazies and Weirdos have an abundance of vegan inspired shirts for you and your swolemate.

8. VGANG by Ethics and Antics

Ethics and Antics / Via

Now that's a gang worth joining. Ethics and Antics are on the right track with this bright, attention getting logo. Who wouldn't want to join a gang that helps the planet?

9. Eat Veggies Not Animals by IN THE SOULSHINE


Nothing like a muscle tee to show off the vegainz! The message of this IN THE SOULSHINE tee is simple here and the tank is very versatile so no excuse to not wear it everywhere!

10. Papi, Soy Vegana by iApparel

iApparel / Via

Papi, soy in love with this shirt! Spread the vegan message in another language to reach the next level of veganism. Kidding! All jokes aside, iApparel's super cute garments are no laughing matter.

14. Love Life, No Matter Whose by Herbivore Clothing

Herbivore Clothing / Via

Because being vegan means loving all animals and this tee proves it. Herbivore Clothing made this clever reminder that veganism extends to more than just cats, dogs and cows. Bunnies need love too!

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