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Indiana "Snapperfest" Is Turtle Torture

Snapperfest is a brutal "celebration" held annually at the Campshore Campground in Ohio County, Indiana and it needs to be stopped. Innocent snapping turtles are captured, swung by their tails and bashed against the ground as amusement. BuzzFeed, will you help me save some turtles?

What Happens At Snapperfest

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Warning: Graphic

Snapperfest takes place on August 20th, but it's not too late to get in touch with these people and ask them to put a stop to this horrible event.

The Honorable Connie J. Brown

Ohio County Commissioner


The Honorable Todd Walton

Ohio County Commissioner

The Honorable Shane Koons

Ohio County Commissioner


The Honorable Connie Smith

Ohio County Auditor


Campshore Campground

812-438-2135 (office)

812-290-5939 (cell)