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4 Beauty Products That You Can Keep Handy For Daily Use, Yes & Available In India TOO..!

My skin got a new life, so yea.

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When you and the surroundings both are happy


Happy both ! Not only the air was breezy but also my skin was dancing. This happens when you spend money on moderately expensive but genuine clinical products and that left you happy, satisfied and with not feeling bad about the money you had spent.

My pack of wise decisions


I have a combination T - Zone Skin and that definitely needs to be treated well. So, I was keen on buying this time a product which is not just a cosmetic but is really clinical too. Earlier I had used @KayaClinic products for 3 years and loved those by the way, afterwards moved to all sorts of supermarket category cosmetics for 2 years and now made my mind to buy a magical kitty, so went to #Sephora to buy these. I was clear why I wanted these. My pack of wise decision here includes @Clinique and @Sephora products.

@Clinique- Daily Face Gel & Chubby Stick

@Sephora- Volume Mascara & #greentea edt. The small bottle that you see at the back is a sample for daily sunscreen.

This #Clinique Moisture Surge extended thirst relief makes the skin of my face a lot smoother.


This hydrating @Clinique 50 ml face gel is a daily dose of energy for my face. As basic as breathing and drinking water. I was never a cosmetic person, but these clinical products justify their price with quality as well as with the quantity too. It is worth Rs. 1999/- and believe me that when you apply this one, always remember the lesser, the better!



This is what everyone wants for their lips, feel fresh and always hydrated... And the amount of apply fixes the shade on your lips. As they @Clinique call it, 10 Bountiful #Blush range, totally signifies with the work too. This Moisturizing lip color balm is carefully not having extra fragrance or stickiness with it, it's just apt. For anyone who's not a lipstick person, go on and try these. Before this, I had only tried Chambor and Lancome Lipstick but this one beats the competition, worth Rs. 1500/- with a promise of durability, long stay and after affects.

Sprays of Fresh n Fab Green Tea


This one is perfect to beat the heat of the Summers. #Summers2017, you need to have this. 3-4 Sprays everytime of this Eau De Toiltette of Tea leaf extract by @Sephora and you start feeling fresh and the green tea smells awesome. Unlike few other cosmetics, which confuse organic/clinical with strict smells and only deliver formula - this product ensures to have the goodness of both, a cosmetic and clinical formula. Priced at Rs. 520/- this hold the good fragrance till good 4-5 hours. There were 4-5 other fragrance options too- vanilla, chocolate, etc.. I say, go for it!

Wonder why mascaras are mostly #black in color, maybe coz that's the most intense shade for an eye.

#black #mascara is a volume enhancer which I was not really needing in the first place as volume is never a problem with me- I am a CURL girl, so guess now you know why, but the point of buying this one was that it has a very thin and crisp brush to apply the mascara with. It is such, that you would not even mind using it daily. @Sephora volume mascara is priced at Rs. 840 /- and the best bit is - it's easy to remove.

We all love - Free Samples, Don't We?

The @Clinique expert gave me a sunscreen sample to try, as I wasn't too keen on buying that for it's pricing but after using the daily moisturizer, guess I want to visit them again and try the sunscreen this time.

This was my first ever beauty product review, coz I wanted you all to know these amazing products. Will be back with another piece of organic products soon, till then you can also share your comments/reviews on the above and let me know if you want me to review any other product.

PS This is not a sponsored article, it's a product review by the end consumer, and that is ME!

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